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Who will the therapy be with?

The therapy is provided by Dr Samantha Woodley.  Samantha has been a Clinical Psychologist since 2013 and has experience working with adults who would like to talk to someone and make changes in their lives.


Samantha completed her Doctorate at Lancaster University where the ethos is on treating people as individuals and creating a bespoke understanding of each person's difficulties to help lead to changes. She is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Samantha’s special interests include working with people who are distressed as a result of previous trauma, people who are having difficulties in relationships or managing their emotions, or are continuing to find themselves repeating the same unhelpful patterns in their lives.


What is therapy like?

Therapy involves talking.  Sessions are usually once per week and last for 50 minutes. It is up to you what you talk about in therapy and you will not be encouraged to talk about things that you do not want to. Therapy can sometimes be uncomfortable but it is important that therapy also feels safe. Finding the right therapist is very important, having a good relationship with your therapist is one of the best predictors of therapy being helpful.

Therapy is confidential so the information you discuss with your therapist will not be shared.  This will be explained in more detail if you decide to start therapy.


How long does therapy last?

The length of therapy varies depending on the difficulties you are experiencing.  After a free initial phone call and/or after the first session, we can normally give you a better idea of the length of therapy that would be suitable.  Most people will access between 6 and 16 sessions and the therapy will be regularly reviewed within the sessions to ensure that therapy continues to be focused and helpful.

How much does therapy cost?

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost £100 per session.  You can self refer and self fund therapy.  You can also have therapy funded by health insurance companies such as BUPA and AXA.

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