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There are options to have therapy with different professionals in the team.  Please contact the team by using the contact form below.

Dr Samantha Woodley, Clinical Psychologist

Samantha's ethos is treating people as individuals and creating a bespoke understanding of each person's difficulties to help lead to changes. Samantha’s special interests include working with people who are distressed as a result of previous trauma, people who are having difficulties in relationships or managing their emotions, or are continuing to find themselves repeating the same unhelpful patterns in their lives. Common therapies include EMDR, schema therapy, DBT.

Find out more about Samantha on the Find Out More page.

Nicola Tarbuck, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Nicola is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and approved therapist for Anxiety UK. Within each session she will help you to safely build the skills you need to overcome whatever challenges you’re facing. Her evidence based, solution focused, body-mind approach to anxiety disorders and trauma therapy will help you to take back control of your life, and feel safe and strong in your body again. She also helps people seeking behaviour change such as stopping smoking and weight management. Nicola uses hypnosis, EMDR and a range of body based therapies. Holistic Health Chester also offers online therapy.

Keith Roe, Counsellor

Self-Actualise Talking Therapy provides a warm and inviting safe space to allow us to work together to achieve your goals with regards to your mental health and wellbeing.  Keith is an integrative counsellor which means he uses different modalities of counselling to help clients reach their mental health goals.  Keith specialises in person-centred, CBT, and psychodynamic therapies.  He offers an empathic, trusting, non-judgmental space for clients.  He works with people experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, negative automatic thoughts, low self-worth and confidence, trauma, self-harm, as well as a range of other mental health issues. 


Andrea Gray, Cheshire Well being, CBT and EMDR therapist. Accredited in both CBT and EMDR

Timothy Holton, Counsellor

Tim uses a biopsychosocial framework and often works with people who have low mood and anxiety.  He has experience working with bereavement and is especially interested in working with people from either military or emergency services background for whom distancing oneself from emotions may have become a necessary part of day to day life.

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